• Resources for pronouncing names

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    Incorrectly pronouncing a name can range from slightly embarrassing to downright disrespectful. ANTs, or Audible Name Tags (ANT), are, great when other people have trouble pronouncing your name. With ANTs you, can share your name pronounced in your own voice with people through email, digital documents, and on social media profiles. But what happens...

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    Commonly mispronounced names

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    It can be easy to mispronounce a word now and then, and there are plenty of everyday names, things, and places that get mispronounced quite often. Listed below are a few names that I have had trouble pronouncing in the past, along with a small explanation and the correct pronunciation(s). Nguyen – Nguyen is...

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    How to pronounce a name – the QR code and ANT solution

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    Do people often wonder how to say your name? For those with difficult names to pronounce, meeting new people in a business setting often presents a few extra challenges. During events such as trade shows, conventions, and large-scale meetings, people normally distribute a large number of business cards, pamphlets, or brochures. What is the...

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    The best (or worst) mispronunciation of your name

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    Who else gets their name pronounced incorrectly? Many of our names get mispronounced from time to time, and for some individuals, it can be a fairly regular occurrence. My last name has always been a source of difficulty for others. I finally accepted the fact that whenever someone reads my name from a piece...

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    The ANTs are blogging one by one!

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    Hurrah! Hello and welcome to The Mispronounced Name. This is a blog dedicated to individuals with hard to pronounce names and all the ordeals that come along with them. Here you will find an interesting mix of humor and seriousness, as we explore the different facets of a hard to pronounce name. Come to...

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    And you thought your name was hard to pronounce

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    And you thought Jonathan is an easy name to pronounce! Jonathan definatly needs an Audible Name Tag Related posts: How to pronounce a name – the QR code and ANT solution 3 things people with hard-to-pronounce names love Diversity & Inclusion: What’s in a (hard-to-pronounce) name?

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