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    There is little doubt that mobile marketing is the so-called wave of the future when it comes to all different types of businesses. Many, if not most of us spend our lives with some kind of device glued to our hands. Companies have wisely noticed that marketing through these devices is the quickest and easiest way to get through to consumers. From QR codes to email, mobile marketing needs to be the focus when it comes to running a successful marketing campaign.

    So what are companies currently doing as mobile marketing strategies? Lots of things. They are sending mobile-optimized email. They are using the aforementioned QR codes to get information to consumers. They are making apps that are designed specifically for selling. So what is coming up next in the world of mobile marketing?

    Store-specific apps – a great example of a company that is already taking huge advantage of the mobile marketing sector is Target. They have designed not just one but two apps that you can use on your smartphone. One is an app to see the weekly ad and what kinds of sales are going on in the store and occasionally for mobile coupons. The other is the ingenious social app, Cartwheel. The Cartwheel app has a slew of discount offers, ranging from 5% off to 50% off tons of items in the store. The catch is, when you first get the app, you only are able to choose 10 offers. By linking your account to Facebook and using it frequently, you can earn more spots for offers. I think that more stores will be jumping on a similar bandwagon, as these Target apps have gained quite a following.

    In-store marketinga recent article that was published on Boston.com discussed the particulars of a deal made with Swirl Networks, a company that is perfecting technology to be able to “ping” a customer’s smartphone while they are shopping in a store with offers that are specific to that store. Companies would use this technology to sell to retailers. The thought is that these retailers would use mobile marketing to prevent “showrooming,” which is when someone goes to a brick and mortar store to check out a product but ultimately buys the product (often for a lower price) online. If this company is successful in getting this technology up and running, this could be a big boost for stores and other companies.

    It is fascinating to see how mobile marketing is growing and changing. I think it’s wise for anyone, whether you run a business or not, to pay attention to new trends in the mobile marketing arena. You never know when you’ll need it.

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