• Why Some Companies Aren’t Using Mobile Marketing

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    Mobile MarketingIt would seem a bit obvious that retailers are wise to use mobile marketing more and more. The mobile marketing sector is exploding. Hundreds, even thousands of companies are launching mobile marketing campaigns in various mediums, including text, apps, and email. Companies like Target are seeing huge success with mobile and social media integrated campaigns. So why wouldn’t everyone be using mobile marketing to its fullest?

    According to this article on Forbes, it’s because retailers in particular are not sure about just how to use mobile marketing to its fullest yet. In fact, the article says that as many as 25% of retailers won’t venture into mobile marketing this holiday season – the biggest shopping time of the year. The thought is that some retailers are afraid that their efforts won’t be rewarded. Others might decide to take the time to wait and see how mobile marketing campaigns work out for other companies before making the leap themselves.

    One thing that the article discusses is that companies shouldn’t utilize mobile marketing just because they think it’s the right thing to do. Making sure that, if your company decides to run a mobile marketing campaign, it’s done for the right reasons and it is done well is so important. Statistics are showing that nearly a quarter of shoppers polled do use mobile marketing, but about 35% of them are not happy with the messages that they receive.

    But on the same note, nearly 2/3 of people surveyed said that they have made a purchase after being the recipient of a mobile marketing strategy that was relevant. So when done well, it does appear that mobile marketing can be very successful with consumers.

    So the moral of the story is, if you’re going to do mobile marketing, do it well. And you should be doing it! So take the time to craft a great strategy and start reaching out to customers on the things that they use the most – their mobile devices.

    If you’re looking for a good example of mobile marketing, check out Target. Their Cartwheel app, mobile Target app, and text-for-coupons programs are all awesome, well done, and easy to use. And I’m willing to bet that they are incredibly successful, also.

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