• Taking Advantage of Mobile Marketing for the Holidays

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    It’s that time of year…the time when retailers are fighting for every holiday shopping dollar. But now, they have another dog in the marketing fight – mobile marketing. We all know that mobile marketing has been on the rise for a while now. With all of us glued to our devices for hours a day, it’s getting more and more important for companies to rise to the challenge of changing their marketing tactics for the mobile sector.

    So this holiday season, how are companies using mobile devices to make your shopping experience better and their marketing more successful? Check out a few:

    • Macy’s – the retail giant is using mobile marketing in a strategy to get more people into their stores, which is kind of genius. Customers are able to go into a Macy’s store to mail letters to Santa. If they post a still photo or even a video of themselves mailing the letter and tag it using #MacysBelieve, they will be entered to win a spot in a Macy’s TV commercial. Brilliant marketing, if you ask me!
    • Mobile checkout – more and more companies are jumping on the mobile checkout bandwagon. Instead of having busy holiday shoppers wait in long lines to check out, they just have to find a sales clerk who is walking the floor and check out by having their card run through a smartphone or tablet right there. This strategy saves everyone time.
    • Retail stores are going mobile – stores like AT&T and British travel agency Thomson are using mobile platforms to improve their stores. They are making the stores more interactive by using mobile devices to help customers find what they are looking for right in the store. Thomson customers can research vacations from integrated mobile platforms right in the store.
    • Lindt chocolate – the company has recently redesigned their website to be more mobile friendly, including a much easier to use checkout process. The company has seen their mobile-driven revenue jump 237% since their re-launch.
    • Denny’s – you might be thinking, really, Denny’s? But the chain has paired with the new movie “The Hobbit” to bring in customers with a social media promotion. Placemats with QR codes that link to exclusive content from the movie are available at each table, enticing customers who are fans of the movie to come to the restaurant. The chain ran a similar promotion that was successful during the 2012 holiday season.

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    How is your business implementing mobile marketing this holiday season?

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