• Tablets, Video Emails, Mobile Payments Shape Mobile Marketing in 2014

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    Mobile marketing strategiesThe concept of mobile and mobile marketing is becoming common knowledge, and it is accepted that smartphones and tablets will be crucial for businesses for years to come. In fact, market research consultant Illuminas predicts that global mobile data traffic will increase 700% by 2017, and that mobile devices will outnumber the human population this year.

    Yet companies (and people) can be resistant to change, although the time for change in their mobile programs is now. Ignoring the following trends could fail a business, but capitalizing on them now could mean quick results and continued success.


    Although tablets themselves are nothing new, there are new implications for retailers and etailers. A recent article from Business Insider predicts that tablets will soon account for half of all retail sales made from mobile devices. This is particularly surprising because tablet ownership and penetration is well below that of smartphones, and smartphones are almost always with their owners.

    Despite lower ownership rates, tablets are believed to be perfect for shopping for a few reasons.  They encourage a good, ‘sit-down’ type of shopping session, allowing the user to get comfortable and browse easily on a larger screen. The larger screen provides a better showcase for items, and there is better opportunity for users to interact with businesses. Furthermore, tablet users are generally better educated and earn higher incomes when compared to smartphone users, making them obvious targets for retailers. They are also more receptive to interactive ads compared to smartphone users.

    Thus, it is vital for businesses to not only have mobile optimized websites, but to make sure that they are specifically well-suited for tablet users. As a last exclamation point for the importance of tablets, the penetration rate is still far from peaking – there will continue to be many new tablet users within the next few years.

    Video in email

    Traditionally, email clients have not been kind to videos included in email messages. However, this is changing with HTML5 and the potential to embed videos. According to Email Monks, nearly 3/5 of email clients now support video, although some providers like Yahoo Mail and Gmail have not yet conformed.

    Embedded video in email gained momentum and was highly successful this holiday season, according to email marketers StreamSend. The company noted that adding videos to email campaigns resulted in increased sales, in some cases up to 40% or more. Additionally, leading email marketer Aweber reports that just having the word ‘video’ in an email title can boost open rates by as much as 20%.

    Because videos appeal to both sight and hearing senses, there is an increase in customer interaction and attention when compared to regular email marketing campaigns. Even if your company can’t afford video, audio can be just as effective – it stimulates emotion and makes a better connection with the user. There is a higher chance consumers will click on ads or emails with audio or video, but it is critical to include a strong call to action – don’t let your media go to waste.

    Due to the recent success of using videos in email and the current state of underutilization, look to see this strategy catch on with many companies in the new year.

    Mobile checkout options

    In past blogs I have detailed the importance for brick & mortar stores of having mobile checkout options, but mobile checkout doesn’t just mean allowing a user to add items to their virtual cart and pay for them on their own device.

    A large part of mobile payment systems are the devices of store employees rather than the smartphones of the actual consumers. By having devices equipped with checkout options, each salesperson becomes a walking express-checkout lane. Rather than wait in line or deal with a payment system on their own phone, consumers can be helped and checked out from multiple locations around the store, not just at the front end. The no wait time is a large factor for mobile checkout popularity, and it will be imperative for businesses to implement their own systems soon.

    What do you think about the important trends in mobile marketing? Is there something you would add to this list? Feel free to leave comments here or chat with us through social. @antvibes, facebook.com/antvibes.

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