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    Mobile Marketing On Smartphone Showing Ecommerce And EmarketingIt was a banner year for the mobile platform in 2013. Apple and Samsung advanced their smartphone arms race, more businesses adopted bring your own device (BYOD) policies, and mobile advertising more than doubled. A recent report by eMarketer.com revealed that mobile ad spending should reach $9.6 billion by the end of the year, up from $4.36 billion last year. The report forecasts mobile ad spending to make a similar jump in 2014, suggesting that banner ads, videos and social media ads could amount to nearly $15 billion next year. Businesses have plenty of options when it comes to mobile advertising as the new year rolls around.



    A new wealth of advertising space is growing before our eyes. Mobile apps are one of the latest platforms on which businesses can pump their products. These ads come in various forms. Some app developers enable banner ads that pop up when a user opens the app. Others integrate ads into the natural flow of the app. If you didn’t know better, you would have no idea that Twitter’s sponsored tweets were paid for by advertisers. Twitter’s desktop platform and mobile app are revolutionary platforms for targeted advertising. Advertisers can buy sponsored tweets to appear only when users encounter certain keywords. A cloud computing company may want to promote a tweet when users search to compare cloud storage providers. Expect to see more advertisements within mobile apps next year. If you find a quality mobile app in your industry, it may provide an inexpensive platform to spread the word about your products and services.


    Gone are the days when users could log on to YouTube and watch a video without interruption. Ads are a part of today’s YouTube experience, and with such a wealth of videos, advertisers have no problem finding relevant clips to attach to their advertisements. YouTube boasts more than 1 billion unique users per month, so its no wonder advertisers are excited about this video service. Google reports that 75 percent of these ads are skippable, largely because users are more likely to engage with advertisements if they have the choice to skip them. Mobile now makes up almost 40 percent of Youtube’s global watch time, so now is the time for businesses to jump on the mobile advertising bandwagon.

    Search Ads

    Smartphone users are searching more on their mobile devices and less on their desktop computers. A recent report by eMarketer.com projected that mobile ad revenue will rise to 30.8 percent by 2015, while desktop ad revenue will fall to 43.2 percent. That means 2014 will be a big year for mobile search ads. Google set out to understand how effective these small paid ads are compared to organic search, and the results were a ringing endorsement for mobile ads. Google found that 88 percent of clicks on mobile search ads were incremental to organic clicks, meaning users wouldn’t have found the link organically. As more users become comfortable with making purchases on their mobile devices, mobile search advertisements will become even more effective.


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