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    ps4 mobile appsMobile technology is having a large effect on current marketing, business strategies, and perhaps more surprsingly, on traditional gaming consoles.The console wars have officially entered into the eighth generation of gaming as Sony launched the Playstation 4 just recently. Sony’s newest video gaming platform appears to be headed for great success, as the company reported selling more than one million units within the first twenty-four hours of sales.

    But mobile applications are taking console gaming to new levels, providing increased interaction and gameplay. Android has a variety of applications to maximize your experience on the PS4, and here are a few good ones.

    Playstation App


    The free-to-download Playstation App represents the very first gaming app all Sony fans should hold on to once they have their new console in hand. When a user downloads this app onto the Android phone or tablet, you can queue up titles to download automatically onto their consoles, so that they may be played as soon as you get back home. Compare your achievements and trophies with friends and fellow gamers to know where you stand on the global leaderboard. Chat with fellow gamers, and get alerts and invitations. Lob some trash-talk into your next deathmatch or head-to-head tilt. With the Playstation App in hand, users get their gaming news directly from the source.


    Those who love sniping, calling in air strikes, or hammering away at fortified positions in Battlefield 4 can control their profiles, stats, and online reputation through the free-to-play Battlelog app on Android platforms, as Google Play explains. Check out where your profile or clan ranking stands in comparison to the millions of other BF4 players in the world. Analyze your statistics by looking up everything from the class you play the most to the gun you’ve fired the most, your best performance, your best maps, and your weapons of greatest destruction yields.

    Assassin’s Creed IV Companion

    The war between Assassins and Templars rages on, and with the advent of new consoles, it’s never looked better. Players can explore the Caribbean in more depth, take down contract targets, and lead the chase for the mysterious Observatory by downloading Ubisoft’s free-to-use AC4 Companion app, available from the Google Play store. Get access to an interactive world map with greater complexity than the in-game map. Get a complete list of challenges, puzzles, game secrets, and set waypoints in the game from your phone. Remember that you can get Assassin’s Creed IV without a PS4, but you cannot get the Companion app without an Android phone or tablet.

    Call of Duty Elite

    If you count yourself as one of the gamers who enjoy the best-selling FPS titles, you’re probably drooling at the thought of picking up Call of Duty: Ghosts for the PS4. Before you get a hold of the next COD, prep yourself for battle with the free-to-download Call of Duty Elite app, available at the Google Play store. Look over the entirety of your COD career, including past games, and check out performance stats according to time, maps, and weapons. Chat with clan members about how to coordinate performance and in-game perks for better rankings. You can modify your character remotely, then have their new attributes ready to go when you pick up the controller.

    Be careful when linking personal and credit card information to your apps and accounts. Monitoring your credit card usage and investing in an identity protection service can keep your information safe when making any kind of online purchase. We aren’t expecting another Playstation hack like the one in 2011, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Do you use any applications in combination with your gaming console? What would you tell others about it? Feel free to reply to this message, or contact us through social @antvibes, facebook.com/antvibes


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