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    Mobile Marketing IncreasesIf you thought that the mobile marketing sector was big in 2013, this year is likely to see an even bigger increase in the number of companies that use mobile marketing, and applications are at the forefront.

    According to Mashable, mobile advertising is expected to increase as much as 64% in 2014. This is measured by dollars spent/planned spending for the past few years. In 2012, about $1.2 billion was spent by companies on mobile marketing. In 2013, that number rose to $3 billion. The projected amount that will be spent on mobile advertising is $4.3 billion dollars. The same article also cites a prediction that advertising on social networks will increase 47% in 2014.

    However, another blog talked about how the year 2014 will be the death of mobile advertising. What this blog is in fact saying is that mobile marketing will no longer be its own sector, but rather become integrated with all types of marketing because really, mobile is king compared to more traditional avenues.

    I happen to agree that mobile marketing will be even bigger in 2014. Here are two examples of companies that are making the most of mobile marketing through their own mobile applications:

    Ibotta – I recently downloaded this app. It’s an interesting hybrid of mobile advertising and couponing apps. The premise is that you browse the app before you visit a store (like Target or Publix) and see what products that you can purchase at the store will earn you cash back through the app. Once you’ve purchased the items, you take a photo of your receipt with your mobile device, and money goes into your account, that you can later cash out. Genius, if you ask me.

    CarMax – CarMax, used car conglomerate, has also developed a great mobile app that serves as an advertising platform and a way to draw customers into their stores. Not only can you search the entire CarMax nationwide inventory from your phone, you can also schedule a time for your car to be appraised by CarMax’s car buying staff.

    I’m just touching on a few business apps, and of course apps are not the only platform for mobile advertising. What companies have you seen that are doing mobile advertising right? We would love to hear some of your examples.

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