• Introducing the Audible Product Tag: Giving Voice to Mobile Marketing

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    In recent years there has been huge excitement and potential within mobile marketing, but limited innovations and solutions have been brought forward. So today, we are delighted to introduce the Audible Product Tag (APT), a new mobile marketing solution!

    The Audible Product Tag (patent pending) allows brands and products to share voice recordings through QR codes that are placed on products, labels, advertisements, and more.

    Voice is a powerful tool that stimulates the mind. Delivering a voice message to potential consumers when they are ready to make a purchase creates an advantage over competing products, and brands can use APTs to help spur sales, enhance product awareness, and increase customer interaction.

    Whether the voice conveyed is the opinion of an expert, a famous endorsement, or information about a product, customers now have the chance to hear about a brand and product, in real-time, at the point of sale. For brands and companies, this is a new opportunity to provide decision-swaying information or endorsement while keeping customers engaged.

    How is the APT used?

    The only thing needed to use an Audible Product Tag is a smartphone with a QR code reader app.

    The user simply scans a QR code with their phone, and gets an audio playback about that product. It could be a printed advertisement the consumer is scanning, or it could be the actual product in the storefront – a QR code can be placed nearly anywhere on almost anything.

    Audible Product Tags allow brands to share a voice recording via:

    -        Products

    -        Product labels/cards

    -        Printed advertisements – newspaper, magazine, flyer, postcard, banners, and more

    Take a look at the following example by Versado Wine. Although APTs can be affixed directly to products, in this instance Versado has made their APTs available through their website. Click the image below to see and hear what a consumer sees and hears on their smartphone.

    Although APTs are currently viewed through QR codes, there is a bright path ahead with different means of access. In the future, scanning UPCs (bar codes), NFCs (near-field communication) or the products themselves (image recognition technology) may all be ways to hear and access APTs.

    APT Features

    The Audible Product Tag has key features:

    -        Up to 40 Seconds of audio available

    -        Change/refresh the message quickly and as often as needed

    -        Analytics including when and where APTs were scanned and on which devices

    -        Easy to use

    -        Inexpensive to create

    -        Allows brands to engage with customers

    -        Provide additional info or endorsement at the point of sale

    The APT allows brands and companies to engage their consumers while also providing additional information about their products. There are 3 main applications for the APT, as described below.


    The Audible Product Tag can be used in a variety of scenarios. The most common approaches to using the APT involve providing product information, expert opinions, or celebrity endorsement.

    Product information

    Providing product information is the straight-ahead approach to using voice and APTs. Consumers may be largely undecided when making a purchase, and providing voice information about product features, the manufacturer, the brand, special promotions, ingredients, processes, and more can help them make a purchasing decision.

    Expert opinion

    Having an expert opinion is also a strong approach for using voice at the point of sale. An expert can clarify or pronounce certain features or qualities, such as with wines and cheese, or can explain the product on a deeper level, such as with an artist and their painting. The voice of the expert builds credibility for the product, and can sway an undecided consumer in the right direction.

    Celebrity endorsement

    Getting a celebrity to endorse your product is not an easy task, but it can pay off significantly if done correctly. Celebrities retain credibility and their opinions are highly valued – getting one to speak about your product for customers would be ideal. Imagine a basketball star speaking about their brand of shoes, or a hockey player endorsing their brand of stick. The celebrity voice can help sell products, especially when customers have access to worthy substitutes to a particular item or product.

    Why voice instead of video?

    Utilizing audio has distinct advantages over using video for mobile marketing campaigns. First, video takes up a larger amount of bandwidth or cell phone data, and so the loading time for a video clip is much longer than that of an audio clip of similar length.

    Secondly, a video takes the consumer’s eyes off of the product in hand. Audible Product Tags can be used at the point of sale, when the consumer is debating between certain products and choices. Delivering an audio clip instead of video allows the consumer to keep looking at the product in hand, while listening and gaining additional information, opinion, or endorsement.

    Third, videos can take substantial amounts of effort and time to produce and edit. Audio recordings, however, can be created and re-created with relative ease and at little cost. In a sector such as mobile marketing that demands flexibility and constant updating, audio is a more reasonable choice for most businesses.


    How does the Audible Product Tag fit with your company’s mobile marketing strategy? If you are interested in learning more and would like additional information or pricing, please contact us at info@antvibes.com. We would love to chat.


    Antvibes is the provider of Audible Tags, which are versatile tools that help you share the voice of your personal brand, company, or product.

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