• Insider Ways to Increase App Downloads

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    Insider Ways to Increase App Downloads

    Many businesses are turning to apps, in addition to mobile sites, to increase their mobile marketing reach. Apps are convenient to users for several Increase app downloadsreasons. First, they provide a centralized location for information about a business. Second, they are designed with mobile usability in mind.

    Ever heard “there’s an app for that”? Well, it turns out there is an app for just about everything. The key is how to get users to download your app. From there, you then have to get them to use it and to make purchases through it.

    So how exactly do you get people to download your mobile app? Here are some tips:

    1. Offer your app for free. While some apps are paid, customers shouldn’t have to pay to use a business app. It can be tempting to bring in a little bit of extra revenue by charging for your app, but you’ll probably notice much less people buying and using your app.
    2. Write a press release. Let the business world know that you have an app for your business. A short press release can be sent to a PR website for publishing. There are even a few PR agencies that are specifically geared toward mobile marketing news.
    3. Carefully choose your marketing materials. Make sure that the screen shots that show off your app in the app store are clear. Offer photos of users taking advantage of your app in real life.
    4. Promote, promote, promote. Take advantage of all of your businesses social media accounts to promote your new app. People who follow you are more likely to download your app as they are likely already loyal customers.
    5. Offer a contest through your app. This will encourage people to download the app. As always, contests don’t necessarily need monetary or tangible prizes. Get creative.
    6. Advertise your app. Even the smallest marketing budgets should try to find the money to advertise a new app. While many of us do find ads irritating, they are still around because they work.
    7. Link your app on your website. This will encourage mobile users to download your app rather than use your traditional website while on their mobile device.

    Business apps are becoming more and more popular as a mobile marking trend. Many companies have developed apps for a variety of uses. Don’t get left behind without one!

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