• 5 Mobile Marketing Tactics to Test-Drive this Season

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    Mobile marketing promotionFrom January to June of 2013, advertisers spent $3 billion on mobile ads, up from $1.2 billion the previous year. This represents a 145 percent increase, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and indicates that more retailers are seeing the advantages of mobile marketing. This holiday season, touch base with your mobile audience using these five mobile marketing strategies.

    1. Rev up website views with responsive design

    If mobile users cannot view your website easily, their attention may be refocused to a competing site that has a more mobile-friendly offering. Ensure that you target all consumers by using a responsive webpage design, which resizes the page to target the screen size of the user’s device. With a user-friendly responsive design, customers can browse for Cyber Monday deals at their favorite stores like Macy’s, then use their phones to look up the items and the deals while in the store.

    2. Upgrade your app for the holidays

    Online marketplace, Etsy.com, debuted a new tablet-friendly design for the holiday season in response to a 50 percent increase in mobile viewership. The new Etsy app makes it easier for users to browse for products, see what power-users are adding to their favorites, and explore the sellers who populate the Etsy marketplace. If you have an app, revamping it for the holiday shopping season improves its user experience and can boost your business’ ROI.

    3. Take advantage of Facebook retargeting opportunities

    The holidays bring out the window shopper in everyone, as consumers make wish lists and browse for the perfect gifts. Increase your chances of making the sale by retargeting customers who have viewed a product with a Facebook ad. When your brand is front and center, it will remind shoppers that you have the products they’ve previously viewed, while subtly encouraging them to choose you when they’re ready to buy.

    4. Reward customers with smartphone-redeemable deals

    As the holiday shopping season approaches, deals and promotions come alive. A few ways to reward loyal customers include:

    • special in-app deals
    • social deals that are available when consumers check in using a location app
    • coupons via e-newsletters

    Customers will appreciate the convenience of pulling up a coupon from their phone, and can feel inclined to spend more when they think they are getting a good deal. As a corollary, consider adopting a mobile rewards program. Customers almost always have their phone on-hand and using their phone as another way to connect with your brand (and receive a benefit) is a natural fit. You might find that customers choose your store over a competitor’s because they know they get the added loyalty benefit of shopping with you.

    5. Emails

    Don’t discount the power of emails, especially to mobile device users. A targeted email curating your latest offerings or giving tips for the holiday season can help you maintain top of mind awareness. With email, it’s key to ensure that an HTML-formatted email will display properly on a mobile device. Consumers can be more likely to delete a poorly formatted email without reading it, and can get the message that you are out of touch.


    Jon has spent 8 years as a retail manager and has worked with a number of start-up companies. He is currently completing his BBA at the University of Washington, with plans to finish this June. Jon is the Western Manager at Antvibes, and is the main contributor to the Antvibes Business Blog. Feel free to contact Jon through social channels or through email at jonv [at] antvibes [dot com]. @jonvisaisouk

    2 Responses to 5 Mobile Marketing Tactics to Test-Drive this Season

    1. November 24, 2013 at 4:45 pm

      Mobile websites are mostly visited as a result of e-mail or social media campaigns. Having a responsive website, where only the design differs on each device, does not meet visitors expectations. Having a mobile website where there is fewer and shorter content, that matches the current marketing of your organisation, will most likely be much more effective.

      • Antvibes
        November 25, 2013 at 3:32 am

        Hi Jan,

        I agree, just having a responsive design does not necessarily mean the consumer will be satisfied. The use of truncated content could prove more effective, but I think that having access to a multitude of content is going to be more and more necessary in the future. As retailers move towards marketing as a single, or omni-channel, mobile website visits will come as a result of a much wider array of activities, especially at the point of sale. As you suggest, a major challenge will be staying consistent across the board. -Jon

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