• 3 Essential Tools for the Business Traveler

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    The modern jet-setting, on-the-go executive may seem like he or she lives a glamorous life, but don’t discount inconveniences and frustrations such as delayed flights, inaccurate travel arrangements and homesickness. Although a business trip can be a break from a monotonous routine, it can grow tiresome.

    Fortunately, our smartphones can help. Digital devices can keep us entertained at the airport, connected with the office or clients, and on track with travel plans. Include your smartphone as an essential part of your traveling gear and be equipped with the following apps and tools.


    This easy-to-use FTP site sends and stores files and content among all your devices. Forbes highlights Dropbox as one of the best apps for business travel because you can share and store information online from any location. You no longer have to worry about forgetting your presentation or facing problems while accessing your desktop remotely. With Dropbox, you can put important files in the cloud and retrieve them anywhere with an Internet connection. You can also invite team members and clients to share your folders despite your geographical location. Expect the mobile version to work just as well as the desktop one. A basic account is free, but you can purchase more storage to fit your needs.


    Concur is a free app that’s a handy expense-tracking assistant. Stay on your accounting department’s good side with documented, organized receipts or even a full report of business purchases that need to be reimbursed. Inc. spotlights Concur as one of the best apps for traveling because it syncs with your credit or debit card. You no longer have to handle piles of receipts and invoices and inquire about statements. Also, use your phone to photograph, scan and store your receipts with cash purchases.

    T-Mobile Mobile Internet

    While traveling on the road, you may likely hit a dead spot for your phone service. If finding a stable Wi-Fi connection is always problematic, work with your employer and phone service and connect your Wi-Fi device to high-speed mobile Internet. According to T-Mobile, “mobile Internet is the wireless data service that allows you to connect to the full Internet on a mobile Internet-capable device through a cellular carrier’s data network.” Mobile Internet, also known as 4G Internet on T-Mobile, is more convenient than Wi-Fi because you have Internet connection anywhere there’s a T-Mobile data network signal. Mobile Internet replaces the hassles of purchasing Wi-Fi while traveling and handling numerous Wi-Fi logins. Use your smartphone’s Internet features anywhere, plug your laptop in to access the same services and experience faster data usage.


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