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    Incorrectly pronouncing a name can range from slightly embarrassing to downright disrespectful. ANTs, or Audible Name Tags (ANT), are, great when other people have trouble pronouncing your name. With ANTs you, can share your name pronounced in your own voice with people through email, digital documents, and on social media profiles.

    But what happens when you need to pronounce someone else’s name and they don’t have an ANT? There are a few useful resources available to assist you. Below I have listed a few of my favorite places to go when I need help pronouncing names.

    http://pronouncenames.com – This website helps you pronounce names you are unfamiliar with. There is a large database that is user-updated, where individuals can record the correct pronunciation of a name right there on the website. This is basically a name Wikipedia, and although some of the less common names are not listed yet, it is still a good place to start if you need to learn how to pronounce a name.

    http://hearnames.com/pronunciations.html – Hearnames has a great pronunciation guide that contains an array of ethnic names. Whether you are trying to learn Indian, African, Hawaiian, or American names, you can find a list of good examples here. Even if you cannot pinpoint the exact name you are looking for, there are enough examples where one could likely figure out the correct pronunciation of an unlisted name by looking at other similar names.

    http://www.wines.com/info/wine-names - Here you can find a great, comprehensive guide to pronouncing wine names and wine related terms. Many of these terms get their origin from France, so having a little French (or Italian) background will make it easier for you. Ever wonder how to say Chianti or Beaujolais correctly? This is the place to learn!

    http://www.forvo.com/ – This is a website designed to help pronounce not only names, but places and words as well. Forvo takes a worldly standpoint, offering pronunciations in many different languages that aren’t easily found elsewhere. You can find pronunciations in Guarani, Serbian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, and more.

    I hope you find this information useful. Have something you would like to share or comment on? We would love to hear it!


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