• Preparing for the Smartphone Revolution

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    With daily iPhone sales outnumbering the number of births, there’s no doubt that smartphones will eventually outnumber the human population.

    Smartphones have become an essential tool for many people. Not only are smartphones essential for communication, but they also help people make purchasing decisions and even work remotely. As of 2014 there are four billion mobile phone users, and one billion of them own smartphones. Sixty percent of smartphone users download apps.

    So what does the smartphone revolution mean for businesses? Well, it’s time to take a look at your customer service strategy and determine how to integrate a mobile strategy.  This is essential to improving your business because smartphones and mobile devices are changing the way businesses interact with customers and build brand awareness.

    To prepare for the smartphone revolution, there are a number of things you can do. First, your business should have a mobile apps as well as a mobile site. This will help customers gain information quickly about your business on-the-go.

    Another important element to keep in mind when building a mobile strategy for your business is how customers discover your business. Research shows that half of smartphone users use the GPS on their device to locate retail stores.

    Finally, if you want to increase sales, you’ll also have to adjust the shopping experience for smartphone users. Research shows that 12 percent of mobile device owners would rather receive a coupon on their phone instead of paper coupons. By tweaking your customer service strategy to meet these demands, you’ll be able to create an improved customer experience. To learn more about this revolution, check out the infographic below:

    Smartphone Revolution

    Guest blog: Ivan Serrano is a writer with a background in social media, business marketing, and globalization. He is an avid blogger, and often writes about technology and its effects on the gradually shrinking global marketplace. Contact Ivan @ivanserrano55


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