• Omniplatforms: The New Wave of Mobile Marketing?

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    Omni channel mobile marketing

    Maybe the word ‘omniplatform’ has you saying HUH? When I first saw the word being used in reference to mobile marketing, I was a bit confused. However, the concept of an omniplatform isn’t really confusing at all, it’s actually quite genius.

    If you’ve heard of the term responsive design, then you already know what an omniplatform is. As it turns out, responsive design is another name for an omniplatform. What both of these describe is a mobile experience that offers the user the same website interface on mobile devices as they would get on a traditional site. However, it is called responsive because the code is written so that the site sees what kind of browser and operating system the user is visiting from and thus scales the photos, videos, content, etc. to that particular device.

    Here are a few reasons that using an omniplatform can be great for your mobile marketing efforts.

    No Mobile Frustration

    Ever come across a mobile site that has content that isn’t optimized for your device? While it’s become less of an issue lately, a good example is how Apple users can’t load Flash content on their phones. This can be very frustrating to users.

    No More Boring Mobile Sites

    Let’s face it; mobile sites can be so vanilla. They are often just a list of categories with no visuals like photos or video. As marketers we all know that people are heavily influenced by visual elements. Mobile sites having no room for photos can be detrimental to sales.

    No Need for Specialized Content or Development

    Maintaining one site for all platforms is easier and cheaper. Essentially, with a mobile site, your web developer(s) have to maintain two separate sites and format content in different ways. This can be a hit to the wallet for you, because this is taking up your web developer’s time…that you are probably paying for by the hour.

    Several big companies, think Google, Amazon and Apple, are already working on moving towards an omniplatform format for their websites. And we all know that if these Internet powerhouses are doing it, soon everyone else will be, too.

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