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    Mobile strategyNow that we are almost through the first quarter of 2014 (hard to believe, isn’t it?) it seems like a good time to talk about some marketing trends for the year.

    We’ve talked before about how mobile marketing has and will continue to grow exponentially in 2014 and beyond. Here are a few ways that we have seen/will see in the not-so-distant future:

    Mobile Traffic Will Continue to Increase – it is predicted that sometime this year, mobile traffic to websites will exceed traffic that comes from desktop computers.

    Mobile Sales Will Continue to SkyrocketApple has already reported that for Q1 2014, they have sold 51 million iPhones, topping their previous record of 47.8 million in a quarter. They also recorded sales of 26 million tablets. This is just Apple – think about all of the other mobile devices sold by Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, and other brands.

    More Companies Will Adapt Mobile Platforms – in the rest of 2014, you can expect to see more companies transitioning to mobile-friendly web environments. This might mean that they develop mobile apps for their brand, or it could just mean optimizing a current site for the mobile user.

    Mobile Analytics Will Become More Prevalent – as more and more customers shift their focus to mobile platforms, companies are going to have to take note and shift their analytics to gathering data on mobile use. Mobile platforms are most useful to consumers if they help them in the moment that they need them, not before or after. Figuring out how to use that to your advantage is important for businesses.

    Mobile Marketing Will Shift to Become More Customized – this trend is already happening for apps like iBotta. Companies will be able to target users based on searches and more importantly, location. Targeting customers by offering discounts on things that they search for or coupons for a store they already shop at will help to get more people using mobile platforms.

    Using Games as Mobile Ads – this is a trend that we’ve seen grow in the past few years. Companies turn mobile advertising into a game of sorts. Users have to unlock badges, check-in a certain number of times, or earn points through an app. This encourages mobile interaction.

    Mobile marketing is, of course, still on the rise. Have you seen any companies that you think are making the most of mobile advertising? We’d love to hear about it.

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