• Infographic: Mobile Market by the Numbers

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    Here’s an interesting fact I bet you didn’t know: there are more mobile phones in American households than toothbrushes.

    This, of course, could mean that Americans are pretty grimy and could use a little lesson or two on hygiene. Maybe that’s true. Or, it could mean the scary but true fact that mobile phones now dominate the markets. We are everything short of the day when people start using mobile phones to buy houses. But actually, mobile phones can do almost everything. From staying in contact with friends anywhere in the world to navigating any map system to ordering groceries or clothes from the Internet to be delivered right to your front porch, phones are dominating the markets. For businesses trying to grow, this is either a gold mine or a black hole. It depends how your business operates.

    It’s no secret that every major company needs to have an online presence that can be accessible from a mobile phone. Customers need to be able to shop or browse your site even when they’re giving business to another business. But having a social media presence is just the beginning, the baby steps to truly growing your company. Find out what more you can do here.


    Mobile Marketing and Statistics


    Guest blog: Ivan Serrano is a writer with a background in social media, business marketing, and globalization. He is an avid blogger, and often writes about technology and its effects on the gradually shrinking global marketplace. Contact Ivan @ivanserrano55


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