• Fast & Furious: The Mobile Sector is Still Growing Like Crazy

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    You would think that at some point, mobile growth might have to stagnate, at least just a tiny bit, right? But no, apparently more and more people are buying mobile devices every day. One of the mobile options continuously growing is the tablet PC.

    Mobile growth

    A few years ago, tablet PCs were unheard of. But now, all of the major electronics retailers offer at least one model of a tablet PC. Some just have a screen that stays attached to the laptop. Others (ones that I think we could truly consider a mobile platform) are able to be detached from their computer base and used on their own as a tablet. Then finally, there are tablets that are now being considered PCs because they have almost, if not all, of the same capabilities of a laptop or desktop PC. I think that this opens up a whole new world for people who might have taken their laptops with them in the past. They may be using a mobile device now.

    According to an estimation by the organization NPD DisplaySearch, 3 years from now, in 2017, that as much as 75 percent of PCs that are sold will be tablet PCs. To me this translates as either what we consider a “traditional” tablet or a PC that has a detachable tablet screen. According to this article on Mobile Marketing Watch, as many as 315 million tablet PCs will be shipped and sold in 2014. This makes up about 65 percent of the PC market. In 2017, that number could rise to 455 million, taking the percentage up to 75 percent or more.

    There are many perks of using a tablet rather than a PC. First, tablets are already often more affordable than laptops or desktop PCs. There are very few that retail for more than $500, with many clocking in at $200 or less. While tablets still can’t do everything that a traditional computer can do, they are gaining ground, and fast. Just in the past few years, companies like Adobe and Microsoft started making versions of their software to be able to be used on the tablet platform.

    So what does this mean for mobile marketing? That companies who aren’t optimized for mobile and/or don’t concentrate on mobile marketing will absolutely have to shift their focus in the coming years.

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