• Utilizing Push Notifications as a Mobile Marketing Strategy

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    Utilizing Push Notifications as a Mobile Marketing Strategymobile app

    I really think that push notifications have gotten a bad rap in the past. Ever have an app send you a push notification when you were waiting impatiently for an important text or call? I have, and it can be frustrating. However, I, and likely most other consumers, welcome push notifications that contain useful information. Thus, these notifications can be used as a successful part of a mobile marketing campaign.

    Push notifications have come a long way lately. In fact, this article from Entreprenuer.com shows that 76 percent of consumers in the 18-36 age bracket have enabled push notifications on their phone. Push notifications are not platform-specific, Apple and Android phones both allow this type of notification. Here are a few ways that businesses can use push notifications to their advantage:

    • Make sure that you are keeping your notifications relevant and are not sending to often as to become bothersome. Push notifications are a great marketing tool, as research shows that people open push notifications almost twice as often as they do emails.
    • Use push notifications for a variety of information. Usually when we think of these types of notifications, we think about sales or special offers. But they can also be used to share relevant news stories and other updates that your customers may be interested in – basically anything that will offer your customer more value.
    • Be certain that your customers know which app the notification is coming from. Identifying yourself/your company is important so that people know what app is giving them the interesting information that they are seeking.
    • Target certain demographics with your notifications. A general rule, and one that might seem a bit counter-intuitive, is to send the message to as few people as you can. That means that your targeting is down to a science – you are only pushing a message to people who that specific message pertains to.
    • Timing is everything, as with most things in life. No one wants to get a notification about an offer at 3am. See what times of day your website traffic peaks and consider aiming your push notifications around that time frame. Or think about when you would like to get a notification – first thing in the morning so you have the day to plan, or maybe during the afternoon slump? Also think about how many you send – the right amount of marketing communication is key for push notification success.

    Push notifications can be a great resource for mobile marketers. Making the most of them can add a needed boost to your mobile marketing strategy.

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