• How to Make Your Website “Speak” For You

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    Aside from using an audible tag or similar system, how can you make your blog or website “speak” for you? There are a few ways that you can make this happen.

    When working on the back end of your site, there is the ability to add keywords to nearly everything that you do. These keywords are critical because they will be how your website is found by search engines. Basic SEO principles tell us that keywords have a big impact on how our websites are found. But did you know that there is software available that actually can read websites?

    This software is primarily used by those who are blind. A user installs the program on their computer and the computer reads code that was used to build the site, as well as information on the web pages themselves. This way, the person who is using the software can get the full scope of the information that is present on the website.

    There are some types of websites that are guilty of not using the commands needed for the program. These sites are ones that typically use a lot of Flash and don’t use display tags (the tags that are read by the software). These software types look for alternate tags, not the tags that we would typically think of when it comes to websites. These tags help to describe what exactly is in the image. You also need to use descriptive links in order to make these programs able to tell their users where to go. For example, a link that just says “click here” isn’t useful when it comes to using this type of software.

    There are quite a few different versions of this software. The most popular one is called JAWS. As I mentioned before, typically this software is used for those who are visually impaired. But really, anyone who wants to “hear” what their website has to say can purchase the software. If you know someone who has the software, it’s a great idea to have them check out your website while using it, and let you know if there are any holes that need to be filled when it comes to code or descriptions.

    You want to empower your customers so they’ll be loyal and buy from you. By optimizing your website to handle software like JAWS, you’ll be on your way to benefiting every customer you have.

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