• Leadership: What do great leaders do?

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    What does it mean to lead? Is it the ability to influence and motivate? To provide new ideas and strategies? Is it a frame of mind?

    Leadership can mean many things, whether it’s adopting new communication technologies, reaching out to foreign markets in new ways, or getting others to buy in to your ideas.

    So what exactly do great leaders do? In fact, as featured in the video below, the question isn’t “What do great leaders do?”, but rather, “What do great followers want?”

    Today we are featuring a speech given by Emmanuel Gobillot, who tells us about leadership:

    “It’s all about discretionary effort. Ensure the positive engagement of others with a goal by creating the perception of challenge and support, through the taking of personal risks in pursuit of the goal.”

    Emmanuel Gobillot is an author, keynote speaker, and renowned voice of leadership today. His global bestselling books include “The Collected Leader”, “Leadershift”, and “Follow the Leader”, and he also consults and advises multiple companies and organizations.

    This is a wonderful speech that both informs and inspires, and although a little lengthy, it is quite worth the time to listen in. We highly recommend you grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you please, sit back, and enjoy.


    If you don’t have time to watch the entire video, here are a few notable points:

    -   Globalization is changing the ways leaders think, and even what leadership is. Emmanuel emphasizes the importance of something as simple as a name when dealing with foreign clients and prospects.

    -   Leadership of today has to be different, because of DEAD: Demographics, Expertise, Attention, Democracy.

    -   Followers focus on 3 main attributes in a leader: Values, Character, and Achievement.

    These points do not do justice for the video, so again we encourage you to tune in!

    What do you think about leadership? What does or doesn’t constitute good leadership? Reply to this post or contact us through social. @antvibes


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