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    Jon has spent 8 years as a retail manager and has worked with a number of start-up companies. He is currently completing his BBA at the University of Washington, with plans to finish this June. Jon is the Western Manager at Antvibes, and is the main contributor to the Antvibes Business Blog. Feel free to contact Jon through social channels or through email at jonv [at] antvibes [dot com]. @jonvisaisouk

    Personal branding through email

    by  • January 24, 2012 • Branding, Featured, Names • 0 Comments

    A personal branding world Personal branding can play a pivotal role in your professional life, whether you are applying for a job, applying for school, or trying to gain new clients. If people like your brand, they will be more apt to help you or become business partners. If they don’t like your brand,...

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    Audible Name Tags – a new tool for diversity in business

    by  • January 6, 2012 • Diversity & Communication, Names • 0 Comments

    Diversity is essential in business Like we haven’t heard that a million times. However, diversity IS essential for most businesses today, and a necessity for survival. Whether your company has thousands of employees or just a few individuals, diversity plays an important role in the actions and decisions your business makes. Once an underfunded...

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    Resources for pronouncing names

    by  • December 29, 2011 • Diversity & Communication, Names • 0 Comments

    Incorrectly pronouncing a name can range from slightly embarrassing to downright disrespectful. ANTs, or Audible Name Tags (ANT), are, great when other people have trouble pronouncing your name. With ANTs you, can share your name pronounced in your own voice with people through email, digital documents, and on social media profiles. But what happens...

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    How to pronounce a name – the QR code and ANT solution

    by  • December 15, 2011 • Antvibes, Branding, Diversity & Communication, Names • 0 Comments

    Do people often wonder how to say your name? For those with difficult names to pronounce, meeting new people in a business setting often presents a few extra challenges. During events such as trade shows, conventions, and large-scale meetings, people normally distribute a large number of business cards, pamphlets, or brochures. What is the...

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