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    Hurrah! Hello and welcome to The Mispronounced Name. This is a blog dedicated to individuals with hard to pronounce names and all the ordeals that come along with them. Here you will find an interesting mix of humor and seriousness, as we explore the different facets of a hard to pronounce name. Come to learn, laugh, vent your frustrations, and connect with others who share your same dilemmas.

    ANTVibes is a company founded out of necessity – Our CEO Vigen Nazarian has dealt with people mispronouncing his name for years, and after quite a bit of tinkering, the Audible Name Tag was born. We are here to support people with difficult names and to share our ideas and life experiences. We understand the setbacks of having a hard to pronounce name, and are doing our best to even the playing field.

    Won’t you tell us your name? We encourage you to take part in the discussions. Share your personal opinions and experiences, and let us know what’s on your mind. Have a funny story or a frustrating moment? Feel free to post comments here or shoot us an email – we’re always up for a discussion. Please keep it civil and remember to have fun.

    See you on the blogging trail!


    Jon Visaisouk

    ANTVibes Team member

    Jonv [at] antvibes [dot com]



    Antvibes is the provider of Audible Tags, which are versatile tools that help you share the voice of your personal brand, company, or product.

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