• Podcasts: What Are They and How We Can Use Them

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    Podcasts may be the modern answer to the radio broadcasts of the past. A podcast is a multimedia digital file, or more commonly, voice recording that is accessible via computer or many mobile devices. The word podcast comes from a combination of the words “pod” and broadcast, referring to broadcasts that are accessible primarily via iPod, or now, iPad, iPhone, or iTunes.

    Podcasts have gained a great deal of popularity in the past few years. Some companies or organizations that are household names record podcasts, such as NPR or The New York Times. But anyone can record a podcast and upload it to the iTunes podcast library. Podcasts have been recorded about many topics, and many are available for free in the iTunes library.

    This blog discusses voice and the impact that hearing a person’s voice can have on others. Podcasts are a great example of this. Sometimes, hearing someone talk about a product, business, or even a news story can have a much greater impact than just reading about it online or in a newspaper. It may even help brand yourself as an expert in that industry. The tone of the person’s voice can indicate the level of seriousness of what is being broadcasted. You can certainly get a feel for the type of podcast that you are listening to by hearing the pitch or tone of voice it is recorded in.

    So how can you use podcasts to further your business? There are several ways to use podcasts to your advantage:

    • Share relevant podcasts with your customers or clients – there are podcasts out there about nearly every topic that you can think of. Take the opportunity to share podcasts that are relevant to your business. You can share them via social media networks or direct recommendations. Podcasts from relevant networks can offer insight into your business and help customers to understand how the industry works.
    • Record a podcast series – as I said before, you can record and broadcast your own podcasts. There are many different ways you could go with this. While you probably won’t want to use a podcast as an advertising medium, you can use them to share relevant information about your business or industry with your customers. For example, you could do a weekly or monthly podcast series to highlight news stories or new developments that affect your business. Or even conduct an interview with an industry expert answering common questions your customers may have.

    If you haven’t listened to podcasts before, now is the time to start. I guarantee that there are podcasts out there that cover topics that you are interested in. Or, choose a podcast about something that you don’t know anything about, you could definitely learn something new!

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