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    A new, improved, and updated Antvibes website!

    We’re excited about the launch of our new website, www.antvibes.com! As smartphone use continues to rise and mobile marketing becomes increasingly necessary for businesses to stay relevant and competitive, we have been busy developing our Audible Tags. As our company continues to learn and grow, a new website was needed to reflect some changes in our focus.

    In the past we concentrated on Audible Name Tags, but we felt somewhat restrained by the term ‘name tag’. Audible Tags are versatile tools, and we wanted to think beyond just names. We didn’t want to exclude entities, products, or services – it’s our belief that almost anything can have its own voice.

    That’s why our new website focuses more generally on Audible Tags, as they relate to consumer products, exhibitors, retailers, and more. We want businesses to take advantage of the power of voice, and leverage that advantage to provide value for their customers and stakeholders.

    Just recently, Audible Tags were implemented at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener, Ontario to accompany exhibits and provide additional audio content or narration. We have also started working with some major retailers and are experimenting with in-store displays, and will be able to share more details soon.

    Audible Tags

    With the introduction of our new website comes a refocus towards the versatile Audible Tag. Audible Tags allow brands and products to share voice information delivered to mobile devices through web links, QR codes (or other scanning technologies) that are placed on nearly anything: shelves, products, flyers, catalogues, magazines, web pages, and more.

    With Audible Tags, customers can scan a product or ad in their hand with their smartphone, and quickly receive a voice message providing product information or endorsement. Tags give businesses the opportunity to create narrative and engage customers right at the point of sale, instantly becoming more relevant.

    No matter what the size of your business, Audible Tags can be a crucial part of your mobile marketing strategy – so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Additional information about Audible Tags is also available in recent blog posts and on our website.

    We still support Audible Name Tags

    Althouth our company focus has somewhat shifted away from names and into a broader category of products and entities, we haven’t forgotten where we started.

    Companies and individuals are still using Audible Name Tags, with new users still signing up.  We will continue to provide and support Audible Name Tags, and users can login to their accounts as usual.

    So come take a look around at the new website and feel free to tell us what you think! Find us on Twitter @antvibes and on our Facebook page, or post a reply to this blog. Cheers!


    Antvibes is the provider of Audible Tags, which are versatile tools that help you share the voice of your personal brand, company, or product.

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