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    Do people often wonder how to say your name? For those with difficult names to pronounce, meeting new people in a business setting often presents a few extra challenges.

    How do you say that name?

    During events such as trade shows, conventions, and large-scale meetings, people normally distribute a large number of business cards, pamphlets, or brochures. What is the result for someone with a hard to pronounce name? Quite often the first follow-up conversations start with a reply to the question, “So how do you pronounce your name anyways?”

    Sometimes even a simple name like Jerry Wright or Ron Jones can give others a hard time if they are from different parts of the world. The solution? Let QR codes pronounce your name for you!


    What is a QR Code?

    QR codes have exploded onto the scene the last few years and are becoming increasingly relevant to business professionals. And although QR codes might still be considered a gadget for the younger crowd, people and businesses of all ages are beginning to see and accept their usability and functionality.

    Originally designed for the automotive industry, QR codes, also known as quick response codes, are small matrix barcodes that appear as a pattern of black and white squares shaped into a larger square (as seen above). To use a QR code, simply take a photo of the code with a smartphone, (you also need an accompanying barcode reader or QR code application)and the code will automatically route you to a website or landing page.


    Pronounce your name for others using a QR Code and an ANT

    ANTs, or Audible Name Tags, are utilizing QR codes in a new way. An ANT is an icon that displays a virtual business card containing your contact information, social media links, photo, and a recording of your name, in your own voice. Since all ANTs have their own URL, they can easily be turned into QR codes. (You can turn any website link into a QR code by using a QR code maker.)

    By embedding your ANT into a QR code on your business card, schedule, or brochure, someone can scan your code and immediately have access to your complete contact information, including the correct pronunciation of your name.

    Instead of being limited to the basic contact information on your business card or pamphlet, others can quickly connect with you via your social media links such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

    In addition, by allowing others to hear your voice that is recorded on your ANT, you make yourself more available and may even seem more approachable. If your name is hard to pronounce like mine is, you could save your contact the embarrassment of mispronouncing your name.

    A smartphone plus a QR code equals your ANT v-card and name pronunciation.

    Ready to get started? Make sure your named is pronounced correctly! Register for your free Audible Name Tag and let the fun begin!


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